When can i get the HumbleRice® cooker ?

We have finished the design, electronics and prototyping of the product. Currently we are working on manufacturing it. We estimate to start shipping by before December'17. We will open the pre-booking around July and the units will be delivered on first book basis.

Will HumbleRice® cooker be shipped outside India ?

Currently we don't plan to ship outside India. We will work on it, as we are close to shipping within India.

What is the capacity, for many people HumbleRice® cooker can cook for ?

Our first product will be for comfortably cooking 500 gms of raw rice. Which should be good for about 4 adults. But we understand, rice eating habits differ from person to person, so please adjust the measurement as per your needs.

How does a normal rice cooker works today

In a normal rice cooker user needs to use rice-to-water in a fixed proportion say, 1:2. A heater heats up the rice & water and heater is ON until there is water left in the rice cooker. As soon as all the water is steamed off, the temperature of container starts rising above 100 degree C, because water's boiling temperature is 100 degree C, a thermostat senses this rise in temperature above 100 and switches OFF the heater and the rice is deemed cooked. Since not all rice take equal time to cook, user has to adjust the amount of water, to make sure the rice gets cooked for longer or shorter duration. It ends up being a trial and error process for the user to make sure the quantity of water is just right for each kind of rice.

Explain the science behind how HumbleRice® cooker works

In HumbleRice® cooker, user is instructed to always use a fixed proportion of rice-to-water, say in a ratio 1:5. He is also required to chose the kind of rice he is cooking from 3 widely known rice options such as White/Brown/Red rice. Our in-built sensor's and algorithms estimate a time required for cooking the given amount of rice. HumbleRice® cooker then uses the heater and it's algorithms to hold the temperature at which rice is known to release the maximum starch. Once rice is cooked, we use the unique and patent pending tumbling mechanism to drain away the excess starch water out. Post this, we de-moisturise the rice and that's it, your healthy & fluffy rice is ready. We understand different varieties of rice can take different amount time to cook or different people might like rice cooked in different consistency. Hence, we let user change the HumbleRice® cooker suggested time. User can change the HumbleRice® cooker suggested time before pressing start button, the HumbleRice® cooker will learn that change in time preference and use it next time for same type and quantity of rice. So the HumbleRice® cooker get's personalised as per your personal choice over a period of time and cooks rice in the same consistency as loved by you every single time.

Can HumbleRice® cooker be used for any other purpose.

Yes, it can be. We have a cook and drain option, where you can practically cook and drain anything on timer. Like say potato, eggs, pasta etc.. Also the third option is to cook anything on timer. Like say, Idli, a idli stand can be used inside the cooker and a timer can be set by user to cook it for say 10 mins. We will come out with recipe books for the HumbleRice® cooker to cook other food items.

Is HumbleRice® cooker medically claimed to be better than the normal rice cookers?

NO, we don't make any medical claims. Please refer to the links we have shared on our site to the opinion from various experts on this subject. We stand neutral, and don't have any medical claims. We are just providing automation for a very widely followed traditional method of cooking rice for Indians. Please refer your doctor for more detailed consultation.